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Zorro, Panama, Manhattan, Filter

Zorro, Panama, Manhattan, Filter

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Farm             finca santa teresa

Producer         toby smith and co.

Country            Panama

Altitude         1475masl

Variety         geisha

Processing     special prep natural


We are thrilled to release another exciting coffee from our friends at Finca Santa Teresa! The team at FST has long been involved in the global high-end coffee market, but actually, their primary sale is of large-scale but high-quality traditional varieties; Catuai and Caturra. Their main lots are of exceptionally high quality, undoubtedly due in part to FST's astonishing terroir: rich volcanic soil, high altitudes, surrounding rainforests, and idyllic weather systems. Their Geisha trees are also prime, they are the progeny of Don Serracin’s Geisha from the Don Pache estate.

This Geisha is from their famous 'Zorro' plot. It's said to have been named Zorro by JR & Toby when they cupped the first harvest:
JR: “We should call it Zorro”
Toby: ”Why?”
JR: “Because this is awesome, and Zorro is awesome.”
And the name Zorro was born.

This particular lot is labeled as 'special preparation natural'. The cherry is selectively picked when fully ripe and transferred to raised beds to dry. The cherry is dried down to 14% and then 'stalled' in GrainPro bags for 1 month before being laid out to dry again until completed.

Zorro has gained a cult following for it's abundance of juicy tropical fruit. It's a juice box in every sense, and you can expect vibrant notes of pineapple, passionfruit, and vanilla.