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Wild Card, Colombia - FILTER ROAST

Wild Card, Colombia - FILTER ROAST

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Roasted by Wide Awake Coffee, Brussels

The Wildcard series is home to exceptional micro-lots and this Colombian definitely fits the bill. The deep fermented red fruit notes mixed with cocoa bean & hazelnut make this a unique coffee not to be missed. You’re in for a treat.

Taste Notes
Ripe Cherry, Cocoa bean, Hazelnut, Plum

Coffee Info

  • Origin Colombia
  • Region Huila
  • Farm El Mirador
  • Producer Elkin Ferney Guzman Vargas
  • Variety Tabi
  • Processing Acetic Natural
  • Elevation 1615 masl

El Mirador is a 32-hectare farm in Pitalito, Huila that is run by Elkin Guzman. Elkin has always been surrounded by coffee, being part of a family that has celebrated over 70 years in coffee and is renowned for their innovation in varietals and processing. 

At El Mirador, Elkin cultivates a broad collection of varieties like Caturra, different bourbon strains (Orange, Striped, Pink), Catiope, Mokka, Gesh and Tabi, the last one being the one we selected for this Wildcard release. Tabi is a coffee cultivar that was released by Cenicafé in 2002. It was developed by crossing Bourbon, Typica, and Timor coffees, and offers the positive cup characteristics of Bourbon and Typica while having greater resistance to “la roya” or coffee leaf rust. Tabi trees look similar to Bourbon and Typica, being tall with long branches but its fruits and seeds are slightly larger. They can be grown in high density and adapt well to high altitudes. Tabi means ‘good’ in Guambiano dialect (a native Colombian tribe).

The Guzman family has devoted their last 12 years to researching post-harvest processing techniques. Out of this research and experience came new methods such as Coffee Maceration, Lactic and Acetic Natural processes, and Natural Hydro Honey. All of these methods combine different approaches to fermentation and drying. For every lot of cherries from El Mirador, the processing method selected is the one that will best complement the coffee’s inherent characteristics. 

The Tabi lot on this Wildcard series underwent an Acetic Natural processing. After density and volumetric separation, the cherries are collected into plastic tanks with water. The water is then oxygenated, encouraging the development of aerobic bacteria (like acetobacter) for fermentation. The coffee is fermented in this environment for 10–12 days before being moved to shaded, raised patios where it is dried for 25–30 days. 

This processing complements the Tabi’s red fruit notes making them more complex and mature. Tastewise this coffee features cocoa bean, hazelnut, plum and a lot of ripe cherries. For being a fermented coffee it’s surprisingly clean in the aftertaste, just leaving a nice cherry coating.