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Wild Card, Brazil - FILTER ROAST

Wild Card, Brazil - FILTER ROAST

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Origin Brazil
Region Mantiqueira de Minas
Variety Red Catuaí
Producer Sítio Trinta Alqueires
Altitude 1400 masl
Taste Notes Raspberry, Fermented Pineapple, Lychee, Juniper Berry

Sítio Trinta Alqueires is a small family farm run by Flávia Cristina. This natural lot of Red Catuaí is quite the opposite of what you’d typically expect of Brazilian coffee. It’s very fruity-forward with heavy fermented yellow fruit notes. Flávia has managed the farm since 2008 and has focused on exotic micro lots since 2016. This lot won 3rd place in the Amecafé competition.

Flávia Cristina da Silva Souza was born into an agricultural family in the city of Lambari, Minas Gerais. She moved to the Vargem Grande neighbourhood at the age of 23, and it was at this time that she and her husband, André Vasconcelos de Souza, worked toward buying their first plot of land to farm themselves. In 2008 the couple planted their first coffee crop on their farm Sítio Trinta Alqueires.

Sítio Trinta Alqueires had been passed through generations of the previous owner’s family. When Flávia and her husband took ownership of the land the coffee plantation on the farm was badly damaged, but their love for coffee production motivated them to overcome the initial difficulties in order to harvest quality crops. They made further improvements to the farm in 2016 and began experimenting heavily with funky microlots, finding good results thanks to their hard work and investments.

This coffee got third place in the AMECAFÉ competition (The Association of Coffee Women Entrepreneurs). The association was founded in 2017 and now includes 130 producers, providing professional development and other events for women producers in the region.