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Untitled (Waves), Kenya,- Filter (225g)

Untitled (Waves), Kenya,- Filter (225g)

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Artwork by Paul Verheul

Nginda Estate Peaberry, Embu, Kenya

Producer: Ken Mwaniki

Variety: SL28, SL34

Process: Washed Process

Altitude: 1570 masl

Notes of plum and jolly rancher with a heavy body.

I'm really happy to be offering this peaberry exclusive from Untitled Coffee. Nginda Estate is run by Ken Mwaniki in Embu County, Eastern Province, Kenya. This lot was secured by the team at Long Miles Coffee as ispart of their first year of production and purchasing in Kenya - having spent the last 8 or so years doing amazing work in Burundi already. After picking this coffee is pulped and wet fermented for 24 hours. The coffee is then dried on raised beds for two weeks and milled at a separate facility.

The artwork for this coffee was made by friend and fellow English-native Groningen local, Paul Verheul. Paul's work is made in a physical and intuitive manner, focusing on patterns and repeated forms. He often works in print and with textiles, but this Untitled piece that we reference as Waves is a large painting that he produced some years ago.

I think this is fantastic example of a Kenyan coffee and is one of the most 'Kenya' like profiles I've had for a long time.