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(Untitled) The Mountain, Guatemala,- Filter (225g)

(Untitled) The Mountain, Guatemala,- Filter (225g)

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200g bag of coffee

Each bag is totally unique - 120 Unique Designs available

Artwork by Stuart Ritson & David Smith

Finca Rosma, Guatemala

Producer: Fredy Milton Morales Merida

Variety: Geisha

Process: Natural Process

Altitude: 1500 - 1850 masl

Notes of peach, passionfruit and jasmine.

Let's be really clear here, this is a very special coffee. Only 30kg was sent to Europe and Untitled Coffee purchased the full lot. We have 120 bags available and for each bag, there is a unique bag design. Hand spray painted in metallic copper and then a collage created from David Smith's photography - an image I've dubbed 'The Mountain'.

To purchase a bag, is to have a unique coffee in every way. Each bag contains 1/120 piece of an A0 print of The Mountain.

There's a deep sense of wonder when we look at a majestic mountain, right? We stare up at it and can't help but be impressed. David Smith's work photographing the nature of the US and Ireland is truly stunning - he even goes by the moniker @ahappymountainman on Instagram. He has captured that essence of the wonder that is bold, untamed nature in this image.

Also a mountain is where coffee grows - well at least a lot of the best coffees. So what better an image to represent quality and quality coffee also. Finca Rosma has been run by Fredy since 1980. He has since gone on to win many top positions at the Cup of Excellence with his Geisha lots. In fact, his washed Geisha placed 3rd this year at Cup of Excellence Guatemala. The natural lot we purchased was scored 92 points by the importer and 90 points by myself. It is a world class Geisha, full of delicate flavours, nuianced fruit and an aftertaste that lingers on and on.

How was this coffee processed? Well the cherry was selectively handpicked and placed in bags where it fermented for 24 hours. Then, Fredy washed the cherries in clean water and floated them to remove any under- or over-ripes. The coffee was then laid on raised beds to

sundry for 5 to 6 days before being move to parabolic dryers for 25 to 28 days more. The full drying time of this coffee was 29 days.

We hope you enjoy this coffee. The first roast will be on the 20th November and then we will roast again when we have a sufficient number of orders to ensure freshness.

Images shown represent examples of bags you could receive. Each bag will be different and we cannot promise any specific design.