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Decaf Wide Awake

Sleep Well Beast, Colombia - DECAFFEINATED

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Roasted by Wide Awake Coffee, Brussels

This decaf is a coffee that we’d happily drink at any moment of the day. The sugar cane process showcases the elegant attributes of this columbian coffee. A smooth and caramel body mixed with nutty and sweet pear notes, yum. Nighty night & sweet dreams!

Taste Notes
Creme Caramel, Pear, Cacao, Macadamia nut

Green Coffee Info

  • Origin Colombia
  • Region Castillo
  • Process Sugarcane Decaf
  • Variety Caturra
  • Producer El Carmen

About sugarcane decaffeination

Sugarcane decaffeination relies on ethyl acetate, an organic compound derived from the fermentation of sugarcane. It’s preferable to traditional Swiss Water Decaf (SWD) for taste, economic sustainability and ecological footprint. Ethyl acetate does a much better job at separating caffeine molecules without affecting the 1000+ aromatic compounds present in green coffee beans. As sugarcane is abundantly available in Colombia, the decaffeination is done locally, leaving more economic value at origin. As a result there’s no need to ship the coffee to SWD factories in Canada, saving a polluting shipment. 

So how does it work? First green coffee is steamed for 30 minutes to open its pores so that caffeine can be extracted. The coffee is then placed in a solution of water and Ethyl Acetate, a naturally occurring compound and solvent derived through the fermentation of sugarcane. This solvent bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acids in coffee, allowing for the extraction of caffeine. Once 97% of caffeine is extracted, the coffee is ready for a final low-pressure steaming that removes the remaining traces of Ethyl Acetate.