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Santa Lucia, Honduras, Manhattan, Espresso

Santa Lucia, Honduras, Manhattan, Espresso

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Farm              Santa Lucia

Producer         the mierisch family

Country            Honduras

Altitude           1550masl

Variety         laurina

Processing       Natural


We are thrilled to release our second-ever Laurina by way of Finca Mierisch in Honduras!

This coffee was grown on Santa Lucia, a recent addition to the Fincas Mierisch family. Santa Lucia was originally planned to be set up as a model farm, however, the coffee and wet mill were close to abandoned when the farm was bought. Even through this, the Finca Mierisch team saw potential due to the already existing shade trees and windbreakers. This allowed access to growing new varieties, leading to the decision to only grow exotic varietals including Laurina, Java, Orange/Yellow Bourbon, SL-28, Yellow Pacas, and Geisha.

Laurina is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety that naturally only produces about half of the caffeine content compared to other Arabica varietals, making it very sought after.

Once picked, this naturally processed Laurina begins the next step by first getting rinsed and floated to remove any unripe cherries. The ripe cherries are then dried on raised beds inside a greenhouse for 32 days until a humidity of 11% is reached. The end result is a beautiful cup with notes of strawberry, peach, lychee, and half the caffeine!