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Rwanda, Strawberry Fields - FILTER ROAST

Rwanda, Strawberry Fields - FILTER ROAST

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A sweet and red fruit beauty with a sticky body. Watermelon, Forest fruits and strawberry are all over this coffee. It’s the perfect afternoon delight.

Taste Notes
Watermelon, Black Forest Fruit, Strawberry, Honey

Coffee Info

  • Origin Rwanda
  • Region Nyamagabe
  • Drying Station Gitega Hills 
  • Variety Red Bourbon
  • Processing Natural
  • Elevation 1650 masl

Gitega Hills Station is run by Bernard Uwitije and is located at the source of the River Nile. It receives coffees from local smallholders so every lot is meticulously graded. The coffees are washed in spring water and then moved to raised beds for drying for 25-30 days. Cherries are turned regularly for even drying and are periodically controlled for moisture content. At 11-12% moisture, drying is stopped.