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Parami Natural, Timor Leste - FILTER ROAST

Parami Natural, Timor Leste - FILTER ROAST

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250g of coffee roasted by Colonna Coffee in Bath, UK

Origin: Timor Leste
Region: Baboe Kraik
Processing: Natural
Cultivar: Hypbrido (Timor and Typica)

We are thrilled to return to Ermera region Timor Leste and the lots from the Parami village, this time with a natural offering. 

Processed at the Atsabe wet mill in Baboe Kraik, this Hybrido de Timor and Typica lot has been dried for 21 days on raised beds. Constructed in such a way to allow for a hybridised approach to professing, the use of bamboo sheeting form Timor Leste and stackable smaller beds from Colombia ensures a broader offering from this single mill. 

The cup is sweet and juicy, with notes of fig, raspberry and white chocolate.