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Luna Bermudez, Colombia, Manhattan, Filter

Luna Bermudez, Colombia, Manhattan, Filter

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Farm             el paraiso

Producer          Luna Bermudez

Country            Colombia

Altitude         1960masl

Variety         geisha

Processing       advanced fermentation


We have the return of one of the all-time favourites from the master of processing, Diego Bermudez! After long conversations about our first commission, Letty, we discussed where to go from a coffee that was so outrageous it was hard to imagine something more.

We explored ideas of oxidation, changes in fermentation stages and more, but ultimately left it in Diegos hands to push the limit. The end result he requested be named after his eldest daughter Luna, and what a coffee it is.

The sheer integration of flavour from the processing stage in combination with the natural aspect of Cauca geisha have created a delightful layered experience. This coffee comes in waves of flavour from blueberry to yellow peach and custard.

We will continue to push the boundaries in the future with Diego, for now, enjoy this coffee lavishly.