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Juice Box, Rwanda - Filter Roast

Juice Box, Rwanda - Filter Roast

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Roasted by Wide Awake Coffee, Brussels

Juicebox Series

Sweet, bright and fruity! This Rwandan gem has it all. A complex, elegant cup with tangerine, dried cranberry and brown sugar notes. Topped off with a lovely, mellow citrus acidity. Very yummie!

Coffee Info

  • Origin: Rwanda
  • Region: Nyamasheke
  • Producer: Mahembe Washing Station
  • Variety: Red Bourbon
  • Processing: Washed
  • Elevation 1900 masl

Mahembe is a washing station in the Nyamasheke region of Rwanda. It’s owned and operated by Justin Musabyiama and sits on the family’s 8 hectare farm. Justin also buys cherry from surrounding smallholders. This area is not as well known for coffee as some other parts of Rwanda but many farmers here have plots at very high altitudes. Combined with Justin’s organized operations and skilled processing, Mahembe has consistently produced some of the most interesting washed coffees we’ve seen coming from Rwanda.

The climate through most of the season in Rwanda is relatively cool, which helps to control the fermentation process. A Penagos Eco Pulper removes the skin, pulp and 70% of the mucilage. The coffee is then dry fermented for 10-12 hours. After this the parchment is graded and washed in channels, it is separated into two grades based on density before being soaked under clean water in tanks for 16 hours.

The parchment is initially taken to pre-drying tables, which are under shade, and where, while the parchment is still wet, a lot of hand sorting is done as it is much easier to see defects at this point. The parchment is dried on African drying beds for up to 21 days, during which time the parchment is covered by shade net during the hottest hours of the day, at night, and anytime it rains.

Mahembe lots never let us down. This cup has a complex, elegant profile with notes of tangerine, sweet dried cranberry, brown sugar and a mellow citrus (lime) acidity. It is layered, keeps changing and sweetening as it cools. The finish has a herbal touch.