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Newsletter February 2021

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Filter tasting video 

We shot a video tasting this last month's guest filter coffees. We're trying this new format so that you can learn more about the coffees we sell at the shop. It would be super cool if you watched it and let me know if it was useful!


World of coffee news

The big freeze: why there's no longer a barrier to coffee freshness 

You can build a house with coffee chaff now 

You need to see this

We’re diving into fun content forms and here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

Latte art basics: stacks 

We visited a friend of ours at Klik Dendermonde and documented our trip. Be sure to click that link and check it out :)


Guest roaster March 

You're the first one to know about this: our first guest roaster for March will be Coffee Collective, from Copenhagen. This is one of the most well recognized specialty coffee rostaers in the world. We're thrilled to be serving their coffees for the third year in a row. Expect some incredible Kenian and Bolivian coffees for espresso as well as an extremely rare Bolivian Geisha for filter. More on this very soon.

My Little Cup Brussels

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