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Newsletter January 2021

Practical coffee tips

We recently started diving deeper in trainings to make sure we’re always consistent with our coffee brewing, last week we focused on filter coffee and finding the most consistent V60 method. Our research led us to focus on measurable variables like height of pour and flow rate that any body can replicate. 

We did note that even when sticking to a recipe different people would brew a coffee quite differently.

Here’s the recipe we’re using at the shop for you to try out:

Goal: pour water at 8g/s



- Grind 15g of coffee, pour 50g of water for the bloom, stir the slurry with a spoon, wait until 30 seconds

- At 0:30, start pouring 150g (aim at 200g at 1:00)

- Without interruption, continue pouring and add 50g, at 1:10 aim to reach 250g

- 2:30 average brew time


Coffee news

High density’ conference about coffee organised by the Barista League, coming on March 9

The best coffee video according to the 2020 Sprudgie Awards 


New filter coffee

Our friends at Wide Awake added a new gem to their ‘Strawberry fields’ series, this time around - natural Rwandan coffee. The signature strawberries sweetness we’re used to in this coffee series is well complemented by the refreshing notes of watermelon🍓🍒🍉   

We’re currently brewing this coffee on filter at the shop, or find it on our website ! 😉


 Guest espresso

We are currently brewing a new espresso:  ‘Wild Card’ from Colombia! This funky coffee went through a fermentation process giving it a delicious booziness and ripe cherries taste.


You need to see this

We’re diving into fun content forms and here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

Story behind the most expensive coffee in the world 

Latte art basics

Filter coffee at home

PS: We’re working on some great scones recipes, both sweet and savory. Swing by the shop to give ‘em a try😉

                            More about that on our Instagram soon! 



Keep an eye out for some long format videos coming your way😊. I recently experimented to find the best coffee storage option, you can watch the results of this here!  

Behind the scenes

Some latte art patterns are trickier than others, so when you get it right everyone needs to know 😼

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